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First montee des marches


As promised guys, I am very happy to share with you a little overview of the press coverage and red carpet images we got from my first Montée Des Marches at the Cannes film festival. It was such an honor to attend this event among top international movie and fashion industry personalities. Everyone was so glamorous and chic, it was the perfect opportunity to pull off an iconic, timeless look. I call it the Grace Kelly with a twist outfit. Dior sure knows how to make a woman feel like a princess, needless to say that Chopard jewels make everything even more surreal.

Before hitting the red carpet I had the chance to see some of my awesome readers who I think were enjoying this vivid, lively Cannes ambiance. They called my name and as soon as I saw them, my heart filled up with so much motivation. It gave me so much strength and energy to go ahead and rock it. I mean in the end, it’s quite intimidating to walk in the middle of this long red carpet with photographers everywhere, standing there and shooting you 360°. It’s not like you have any word of approval over an

y picture, you need to be perfect from head to toe. Or at least you definitely feel this pressure.

Speaking with some of you guys made me realize that I shouldn’t freak out and take it so seriously. Of course it’s such an unbelievable experience, but it’s also a moment of fun and pleasure where we celebrate movie industry. I was filed up with such good energy and took step forwards. I guess, it shows on the pictures that I was feeling great at that moment because the press was so kind and I still have to pinch myself that so many of my favorite magazines included my look in their Best Of Cannes lists! I am talking Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue US, my bible Vogue Paris. I couldn’t feel happier.Thanks to you all for giving me day by day so much strength. I feel so blessed to have your support, all these experiences I get to live, it’s all because of your love and kindness.



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