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French riviera with chopard

A few days ago I landed home in sunny California which seems like a real little bubble of paradise filled with green juices and clear skies. Our past month has been very rich in emotions and that’s the least to say… We’ve experienced so many incredible things, had our hearts beating like drums, our bodies sweating and literally falling down out of exhaustion but everything, every single experience, every single second , was worth it all. Living of this together as a team is such a blessing and I have to say, no matter where you are in the world, it’s the people you’re surrounded with, your friends and family that make you feel like home is wherever. Whether we’re lost at the airport or somewhere in Japan, having each other makes it all worth it.

As I arrived in L.A, I decided to take a couple of days to kind of… breath! James is away on a break in Mexico and Fiona had to go back to Switzerland for a few weeks. Guys, don’t even talk to me about it. I have a serious separation anxiety. Like for real! It’s crazy because we’ve spent so much time together that we grew into feeling like we’re actual sisters. We finish each other’s sentences and are like two pieces out of a puzzle. Any situation becomes a game, we laugh, we joke, we play around 24/7 and that adds so much freshness and beauty to life. There’s nothing more amazing than friendship. One that overcomes everything. Knowing that someone’s always got your back, and that there’s someone you can worry about and take care of no matter what.

Having this down time also allowed me to reflect on all the crazy experiences we lived and especially this unbelievable Cannes Film Festival that we had the pleasure to live for the 3rd year with our official sponsors, the one and only, Chopard. It’s been years that we’ve been working together and each year it just gets better and better. Their team became like family and there’s not a single day where we don’t come up with new ideas and don’t make the most out of our time. Being there with them, surrounded by the mesmerizing french riviera was e-very-thing.

We had the chance to play around with so many incredible jewels and observe such stunning pieces of art. Because that’s what they really are! So you know, our days were pretty heavy on diamonds. And I don’t complain about that at all!! In these shots you guys can discover one of their very newest collection called the Palme Verte which is part of the Journey to Sustainable Luxury initiative raised by Chopard’s Artistic Director and co-president Caroline Scheufele. She always manages to come up with the most innovative ideas and this line in particular is so beautiful. subtle, refined and actually quite ideal for daywear. Plus it supports such a great cause. Hope you guys will like the shots and don’t miss out on checking their website to discover the whole collection.

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