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Dark romance

After the most wonderful, magical, breathtaking trip to Paris, I landed just a few hours ago to where it is now called home : sunny Los Angeles. I was afraid to feel again so nostalgic of France, just like last time I did after spending so much time in Europe, so close to my roots and to things I’ve grown up close to… But surprisingly it actually feels so good to be back. And yes, I might be still sitting in my empty apartment but I finally have the electricity working and wait for it… even the water is running! What a luxury ;)

These last couple of weeks in Paris have been overwhelming with emotions and new experiences. First and foremost wrapping up Men’s Fashion week for the first time was great fun, but not to mention shooting my first major magazine cover for ELLE South Africa and having W mag announce officially and internationally my transition into a music career was a big goosebumps worthy moment. I can tell you, we popped the champagne that day. To know that it is all actually coming into shape feels surreal. On the other hand, I’ve been recording a lot of new music in Paris with the absolute dream team, the ed Bangers records crew who did so many tracks that influenced my musical taste throughout all these years. I seriously can’t wait to be able to show all the work and the amazing things that have been happening.

On a personal note, I’ve been also living a lot of things that helped me song write. I lot of good aaand not so good things that just sound (and feel..!) better in a song version. I have to say, I’ve never really opened up massively about my relationships and personal endeavors here on Kayture just because it’s my positive place, this inspirational bubble where all I want is this fulfilling, uplifting feeling of joy and celebration of creativity. However, my songs are speaking about this whole other scope of my life that I’ve never really shared before. I take the care and time to write and compose lyrically and melodically each track because I want them to be just like this blog, very personal, a diary of my life, of my emotions, that I want to share with you guys hoping that it’s something you might be going through too or at least manage to put words onto something that you might have had on your heart. It’s also a massive creative project where I truly want to dig in deep into layers of human personality and perception. I cannot wait to let you in on this.

Before leaving to France, I’ve been spending a lot of time with our soon-to-be team member Cibelle who is this absolutely amazing and greatly talented photographer based in L.A. It feels so awesome to know that our team is growing and expanding so quickly! We shot these images on Beverly Boulevard on a really hot, sunny day and the result turned out amazing thanks to this insanely gorgeous flower backdrop. That day I had taken out for a walk my Louis Vuitton petite malle that I just got in from this absolutely fantastic website called Trendlee where you can buy gorgeous vintage bags. From Céline to Balenciaga you can really find your crush item as they have hundreds and hundreds of pieces online. Highly suggest to check it out as you might find some real treasures! Have fun and happy shopping!





Photography : Cibelle Levi

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