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Moving in our new place in Los Angeles was a tremendously awesome step. First of all, that meant we could finally give up on living in between two hotel rooms or air bnb’s. It also meat we could finally unpack our suitcases. For good! What a relief, you guys can’t even imagine. So, these last couple of days have kind of been about settling in and somehow finding some comfort in this big empty space. Adult life, here we are! It feels so strange to think that my first appartement is in Beverly Hills, so far away from my family and from what I’ve grown up with. Instead of everything I could have expected, I ended up surrounded by all these palm trees and this overwhelming Hollywood vibe that I used to only see in movies and TV shows. And well, it does it feel kind of crazy.

There are so many things to think about when you move in your first appartement. First of all, getting your paper work in order. And I am really, really… really bad at that kind of stuff. If there’s anything that I truly suck at in this world, it’s anything administrative. I always do everything last minute when it comes to office work. Even if it’s a question of paying one tiny bill or calling an insurance company, I’ll wait until the very last second to do it… But now that I am by myself, like a grown up, in my own place, I guess I don’t really have the choice anymore. Gotta get responsible. On the other hand, because we’ve still been kept so busy with work, we barely found time to furnish our place. Result is, it is pretty much empty. The only thing that somehow makes it look like someone’s actually living there is the big queen size bed in the middle of the bedroom. That’s pretty much it.

With that being said, our trips did kick off a couple of days ago. Even though we enjoyed a little break from travelling in L.A to get settled in, we are back on a crazy hazy whirl of trips planned for the next couple of weeks. And I honestly am so unbelievably excited. I have to say, I am so used to it at this point that I do miss it when I stay in one place for too long. I just can’t help it. I am writing this article from my hotel in Oxford, England, where’ve been invited to hold a speech in front of the University’s Students and I am seriously dying. I’m scared, happy, nervous and excited all at once. Also confused on how sick and insane it is that we actually got invited when I haven’t even graduated college. But it turns out, such as the other guests they had, rappers, actors, models, you don’t always need to follow a path to write a great story. You can create your own.

The images I am sharing with you today have been shot in L.A a few days ago as we were still crashing at the Standard hotel on Sunset Boulevard. A great place with a wonderful scenery and always really cool people hanging around. I remember it being so sunny and beautiful that day, which meant perfect occasion to be perfectly casual with a little spice of color and fun. I am always on the search for new bags and lately have been wearing a lot of red ones. The wonderful Rachna Malakni launched her bag company in Dubai called Native and this is one of the pieces from her stunning collection. I love how timeless, classic, so stylish and fashionable it looks. The texture of the leather is gorgeous and really enjoy how the golden logo sits on it. It was the perfect bag to carry around that day, adding a little pop of something extra special to this sunny afternoon.


TOP: Forever 21


SHOES : Forever 21 

BAG : Native 

BRACELET : Céline 

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